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Pack Mentality

Member Guidelines

You must remain inside the park at all times with your dog. If you leave, for any reason please bring your dog with you.

Leave no dog behind.

If your dog drops it like it's hot, please pick it up.

If you spot a deuce—even if it’s not your dog’s—it can't hurt to help out by picking it up.

Poop bags and designated bins are located along the perimeter of the park. and on most tables.

Remember: It might not be your dog that did it, but it is a dog from the community you are a part of and we appreciate the efforts to keep the place clean & safe for everyone.

Pick it up.

These special breeds of humans are here for one thing: to maintain safety inside the park. It’s important not to think of them as babysitters and rather as an extra set of eyes trained to read canine body language cues in order to help prevent any incidents between dogs.


There can often be multiple factors at play during an incident, so please don’t take it personally if a Rufferee singles out your dog(s) or asks you to give them a time out while the energy in the park deescalates.

Rufferees 101

We encourage you to keep laptop use to a minimum while in the park in an effort to maintain a social atmosphere and ensure you always keep an eye on your pup(s).

Please be mindful of your volume if you’re making calls. 

We ask that all screen time be kept to a maximum of 90 minutes within the park. 

Less zoom, more zoomies!


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