Room to Roam!

Ample space for dogs to unwind and let loose is a must. That’s why our off-leash turfed area stretches 22,500 sq feet. There is a further 2,500 sq feet of lounge space to enjoy the facilities. 

Human Friendly!

For the love of dogs!

Shop & Kiosk

The shop features a selection of branded merchandise and a collection of curated canine-centric products and treats. Our membership managers will be available for check-ins, answer any questions, and help with any member needs that may arise.

Bar & Cafe

Whatever your cup of tea, we’ve got it...even if it’s coffee, beer or wine. We pride ourselves in serving rich and bold sustainably sourced coffee. Our wine and beer list is crafted to keep you coming back for more.

The Park

We took all the best parts of your favorite dog park and added some extras on top because they deserve only the best. The antimicrobial turf is specially designed for canine usage and did we mention it’s extra soft on their pads.  Whether it’s the props we rotate seasonally to encourage cognitive exercise play or the hydrant mister for those hot days, no stone was left unturned.

The Best of Both Worlds

Four years of research taught us that having space for the owners is equally important. The park is where dog owners gather for the love of dogs and we want to foster that experience by providing optimal seating arrangements. From the bar area with USB chargers to shaded communal seating, while enjoying a drink, we've got you. Oh did we mention there are park blankets available to lay down or to simply keep you warm on those chilly Santa Monica evenings?