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We are Los Angeles' first canine social club. DOG PPL is a park, café, bar, and lounge, all in one. We fuse the comfort and safety of a private members club with the community spirit of your favorite dog park.

Hey LA, we heard you love dogs!

Los Angeles is pretty great, but we dug up a way to make it even better for dog people and we want you to be a part of it.

We're diggin' holes in Santa Monica.

The yard they deserve

If there’s one thing city dogs can agree on, it’s that there aren't enough spots to let loose. We’ve designed a special place for just that.

We 'vet' every member

First things first. The pups are the members and we are simply their guests. We maintain a safe space by confirming each applicant is up to date with shots and vaccinations as well as passing a social test.

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