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Must love dogs.

Sorry, did we say “love”? We meant “live for”. It’s safe to say dog people are a different breed. Feel free to call us your second home.


We have trained ‘Rufferees’ on duty during all peak hours to manage the play between dogs. They’ll keep an eye on your four-legged friends, so you can focus on catching up with your two-legged friends. 


We thoughtfully curate our events and activations to keep things exciting yet relaxed for our members. From dog-themed movie nights, to fitness classes, to a snow day in the middle of the Summer, and more, there will always be something to look forward to.


Our unique selection of merch and goodies for both members and humans alike are made by dog people, for dog people. Our shop concierge is always available to answer any membership questions you may have, and assist in any way they can.


We are constantly adapting the latest tech to elevate your experience at DOG PPL. Our Members Web App (arriving soon) is designed for members to connect with the community, easily check into the park, stay up-to-date, and RSVP to exclusive events.

but sit.. wait, there's more.



- 20% saving
- Access All Events

- Unlimited Park Time





- Early Access

- Founders Portraits

- Founders Events

- Founders Rate



- Access All Events

- Unlimited Park Time

- Cancel any time

Teaching old parks new tricks

They say if it ain't broke don't fix it, well unfortunately traditional dog parks may be just that. We believe they can be designed far better for not just the dogs, but those that love them too.

  • Private WiFi network

  • Surround sound speakers​​

  • Blanket & Towel rack

  • Complimentary infused water

  • Member concierge services

  • 24-hour surveillance & play monitor

  • Complimentary poop bags

  • Canine lint rollers

It's the  little things


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What makes a members club special are the shared values of the community. A local culture surrounding the love of our four-legged companions. When they're happy we're happy!


The Park

From our canine-engineered grass, cognitive obstacles, and hydro play stations, We live by the idea that our dogs deserve the world - so we built them one. 


Bar, Cafe & Kitchen

We offer a curated menu of beverage services, including sustainably sourced in-house roasted coffee & full kitchen, from breakfast burritos to wellness shots There's no reason Humans can't enjoy the park just as much. View the food menu here

the experience.

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