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We're a new breed of dog park, so naturally, there will be questions.

can i drop off my dog?

DOG PPL is for dogs and their humans to enjoy together, meaning you must be inside the park with your dog at all times. Leaving your dog on the premises may lead to a revocation of membership.

Can I Work from the park?

While we like the fact our members can get work done here, our most import priority is a safe environment for dogs and a space that fosters socialization.


To ensure this, we ask our human guests to always be aware and attentive when needed to your dog(s). Laptops down after 6pm please. It's ok, you'll survive.

Do you allow walk ins?

Walk-in behavior assessments are welcome on Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 6pm. For anyone who has purchased a membership and have the required documents. LEARN MORE HERE

How many dogs can I bring?

You can get a membership for one, two, or three dogs. If you have more than three dogs per household, please contact us! This can be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Can my partner use my membership?

Provided you have uploaded your dog's photos so we can verify your dogs are checking in with them, they sure can! Your partner would need to have the waiver signed. They just need to say the account holder's name or email when checking in! WAIVER >

Are you open rain or shine? 

Mostly, unlike most traditional dog parks, our turf stays clean, safe, and fun despite weather conditions.​ Special circumstances are on a case-by-case basis and you will be notified by email, text, and socials if any closure takes place.

do you have breed restrictions?

Absolutely not! All well-socialized and vaccinated dogs over 4 months of age are welcome at DOG PPL.

Are Children Allowed?

Due to safety regulations and the well-being of the dogs, children under 16 years of age are currently not allowed in the park.

do dogs have to be spayed or neutered to visit the park?

For the safety of our members, all dogs aged 8 months and above must be spayed or neutered. Dogs that have not been "fixed" may not do well in a social environment. Simply because they smell very different than those dogs who are neutered or spayed and will become the center of attention in a pack setting. Those dogs may feel picked on or receive far too much attention for their comfort level. This can result in a dog fight.

My dog is not fixed, but is really well behaved, can they still come?

Sorry, no. Intact males and unspayed females smell different. Other dogs will often single them out and treat them poorly by picking on them or not allowing them to interact with the group. Also, accidents can and do happen and we can't make any exceptions to our policy. 

Do Neutering Alternatives count?

Intact males and unspayed females smell different. - Particularly in males, Neutering alternatives such as sterilizations (Zeuterin) and vasectomy's don't stop the production of testosterone which is the main driver behind issues with in-tact males in the park. 

IS theRE wifi?

There sure is, our park is equipped with Fiber Optic internet and multiple hot spots throughout the space.

Can My Dog Walker Bring my dogs to the park

Provided they are added to your account as a contact (let the staff know) and have signed the park waiver, we can allow your dog walker into the park with the approved dogs from your account and membership! - We do this manually so please let us know who you would like to add. WAIVER >

What is the address?

3440 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica 90405 - with free 90-minute validated parking.

Is there parking?

We have plenty of parking available and free 90-minute validation via our self-service validation machine for all members and their guests.

How much are memberships?

The basic membership for one dog is $120 per month before tax. Two additional dogs may be added per household at a discounted rate. ($25 increase per extra dog) Please refer to our membership page for additional information.

How do I join?

First, select a membership. Once you have pre-ordered your membership, you will be asked to provide your dog(s) details, which will include vet records for our team to process.

Once we have approved the records you will be invited to take your first visit to the park so that we can begin a behavior assessment. If your dog(s) pass this assessment, your account will be active and you will be free to use the club as you please. 

What’s the difference between DOG PPL AND Public dog parks?

Everything! First and foremost, DOG PPL is a private park, which allows us to prioritize safety and comfort. Upon applying for a membership, we ensure all the applicants are up to date on their health records and pass a behavior assessment. Additionally, we keep facilities clean and sanitized. We cater to our human friends too via the bar, cafe, lounge areas, and events.

Most importantly, we pride ourselves in having a best-in-class staff that's trained in canine safety to help keep the play between dogs as safe as possible.

Is there a small dog section?

Yes, we have a small and timid section of the park with it's own front desk entry as well as access to the bar. We require dogs to be 25lbs and under to gain access to this side.

can i go without a membership?

Guests of members without dogs may enter with active membership holders provided the park waiver is signed. WAIVER >

Do you have grooming?

Grooming is available to members in the park, Friday & Saturday from 9am - 5pm BOOK YOUR SLOT

Can I bring my own food, drinks, or dog treats?

Outside food, drinks, glass containers, and dog treats are not permitted to ensure the dogs' safety. However, we have a full kitchen, bar & cafe.

is smoking allowed inside the park?

Smoking and vaping is not permitted inside or around the premises, as it is proven to be a health risk for our members (our dogs). 

can i bring my own dog toys?

Outside toys are not permitted. This rule is in place purely for safety reasons in order to minimize possession aggression.

am i allowed to take photos AND videos inside the park?

Photo and video capture is so encouraged! Follow and tag us @dogppl and your content may be shared on our page! We will also offer professional photography for you and your four-legged friends during special events.

what do i get with my membership?

As a DOG PPL member, you get unlimited access to the park, specially programmed events, an incredible community, and of course many happy pups!

How do i Cancel my membership

Monthly memberships can be canceled at any time inside your account.

DOG PPL is dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of dogs & which extends also to dogs in need, and thus Canine Rescue Club was born.


With a commitment to responsible dog rehabilitation and established rescue collaboration, we are helping to ensure that more dogs find their forever homes through the DOG PPL community.


You may freeze any membership subscription up to one (1) time per year, for maximum of thirty (30) days, upon seven (7) days prior notice to Dog PPL at

 Dog PPL may, in its discretion, authorize an extended membership freeze beyond thirty (30) days, on a case by case basis.

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