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Los Angeles, CA

Company Overview:

DOG PPL is a vibrant and inclusive community-driven space dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for dogs and their owners. Located in Santa Monica, our dog park is a haven for dogs and their owners alike, offering a range of amenities, experiential events and spacious play areas. We are seeking a dynamic and creative Events Producer to join our team and take charge of planning exciting and engaging monthly programming for our valued members.


Position Overview: 

We have a member base at this park of 1500 people and growing plus their guests. Our events range from small curated 20+/- person workshops (flower making, potters) to recurring medium size events  100+/- (trivia, comedy), to large scale high production events 600+/-  people (sponsored annual snow day). A wide range of events from recurring weekly, monthly and annually. We work with elevated brands like Soho Alo Neuhouse Equinox, erewhon so our level of quality of execution needs to align with these type of partnerships.


Part-Time Position to Full-Time Opportunity Events Producer



Santa Monica, CA - DOG PPL


As a Full-Time Events Producer, you will be responsible for curating and executing a diverse calendar of events and activities to enhance the overall experience for our members. Key responsibilities include:


  • Conceptualize, plan, and execute monthly events that cater to the interests and preferences of our dog park community.

  • Plan recurring and one-off events for the Santa Monica location.

  • Coordinate logistics, including permits, equipment, vendors, and any necessary approvals.

  • Understanding the brand and adhering to our event criteria.

  •  Ensuring events are run smoothly and create a positive brand experience for our dog park community.

  • Thinking holistically through the event beyond load-out.

  • Space planning using our internal maps to arrange furniture and props.

  • Clear understanding of safety criteria for events (i.e. we can’t have toys or treats inside the park for safety reasons).

  • Having a quick reaction problem solving mentality as things in the event world can always shift suddenly.

  • Time management skills.

  • Able to get scrappy when needed.

  • Comfortable working outdoors during different seasons.

  • Willing to be flexible with hours as different events require different availability (i.e. fitness events in the mornings).

  • Strong people skills when it comes to staff, members and vendors.

  • Loves and is comfortable around many types of dogs.

Member Engagement

  • Foster a sense of community by developing events that encourage member interaction and participation.

  • Seek feedback from members to continually improve and tailor events to their preferences.


  • Collaborate with local businesses, sponsors, and partners to enhance event offerings and provide additional value to our members.

  • Work closely with the marketing team to promote events through various channels.

  • Working with creative leads to transform ideas into actionable events.

  • Communicating with all departments in the planning phase to ensure every need is taken into account.

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Anticipating needs, being proactive.

  • Able to work with multiple personalities especially in high stress situations.

  • Roll-up your sleeves mentality to help carry the weight wherever needed.

  • Passionate about solving problems in a constructive way.

  • Email etiquette.

  • Understand the proper way to work with our premier partners in order to ensure a continued and fruitful relationship.

  • Collaborating with our designer on the monthly newsletter.

Budget Management:

  • Develop and manage event budgets, ensuring cost-effectiveness and resource optimization.

  • Seek sponsorship opportunities to offset costs and enhance the quality of events.

  • Being mindful of scheduling needs and working with managers to ensure overtime is avoided.

  • Overly transparent and budget conscious as we are a startup.

Documentation and Reporting:

  • Maintain thorough documentation of event details, including timelines, budgets, and outcomes.

  • Provide regular reports on event success and areas for improvement.


  • Proven experience in event planning and execution (2-5 years minimum)

  • Passion for dogs and a deep understanding of the needs and interests of dog owners.

  • Excellent organizational and project management skills.

  • Strong communication and interpersonal abilities.

  • Creativity and the ability to think outside the box to create memorable experiences.

  • Budget management experience.

  • Ideal candidate lives within 20 minutes to the Santa Monica location.

  • Onsite expectation.

  • Reliable transportation.


  • Competitive pay.

  • Bring your dog to work with you.

  • DOG PPL membership.

  • Health insurance coverage. + vision & dental

  • Opportunities for professional development and growth.

  • A fun and dog-friendly work environment.


Interested candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, and portfolio:


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