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They deserve the world, so we built them one!

We are a social environment designed for dogs and their two-legged family members to thrive. DOG PPL merges the safety and comfort of a private members club with the community and spirit of your favorite dog park!

because just like you,

         we are dog ppl too!

Dogs are at the core of everything we do.

Everything we do, we do for them. Our mission is to transcend the unconditional love dogs provide us, to all our members and guests. As true DOG PPL, like you, we will always put them first. They deserve nothing less.

City dogs and their owners are a different breed. By curating events, music, beverage programs, and more, DOG PPL provides a community and a "home away from home" that fits your lifestyle.

We are here for you! Our passionate, knowledgeable staff, new tech, safety measures, and other thoughtfully designed details throughout, DOG PPL elevates the experience of a traditional dog park and then some

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